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#movemeon book now available!

I’m delighted to announce that the #movemeon (e-)book is now available! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of the contributors, but especially Stuart Ridout for his amazing help and design skills. :-D

The PDF is available for free download:

The book is available at cost price:

Badges to promote the book are at: (no need for CC attribution, etc.)

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  • Guy Mullins

    This is excellent. A wonderful contribution and the graphic style is certainly inviting as well. We’ll plan to share this on our site ( as well. While our content somewhat geared toward higher ed I think the “pearls of wisdom” you’ve compiled here are relative to educators across the board.

    Kudos, and again thanks for making this available.

    • Doug Belshaw

      Thanks should really go to those who contributed to it – here’s to sharing! :-)

  • Andrew Field

    #movemeon book is excellent – splendid way of collating useful thoughts and a great demonstration of how Twitter really is useful for educators. Thank you Doug.

    • Doug Belshaw

      Thanks Andy, I’m really pleased at how it came together. :-)

  • Jon

    Looks absolutely brilliant from a quick glance, I can’t wait to read it all. Many, many thanks for making this freely available.

    • Doug Belshaw

      No problem! :-)

  • Pat

    Hi Doug – thanks for collating all this – I lost my .pdf and now the site says I don't have access to download it. Is there anyway to re-post it?

  • Pat

    With a bit of copying and pasting they work just fine. Many thanks

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