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The saddest picture in the world…

Ben - ill…is that of your one-and-only child looking sorry for himself.

I’m off school today looking after Ben as Hannah’s probably got Ofsted next week (it’s been deferred from this week for several reasons).

All he wants to do is watch CBeebies – which, apparently, is inordinantly sexist! :-o

  • Auntie Laura

    Ah Poor little Ben still poorly. Hope he is feeling better very soon!

  • Chris Craft

    What the heck is ofsted?

    Ah, Google to the rescue. Remember us over here when you use words like that! ;)


  • John Sutton

    @ Chris Craft. Just be glad you’ve never heard of them!

    To the author of the Guardian piece on sexism on CBBC: you’ve clearly never watched Lazytown. Stephanie is feisty, and a real leader – she does wear pink though, something which my 4 year old daughter strongly identifies with. How has this happened?

  • Doug Belshaw

    @Chris: Sorry – have added a link to rectify the situation! ;-)

    @John: You're right about Lazytown. The girl is an absolute star of the future and if she's not a role model, I don't know who is!

  • Lisa

    Hope Ben is feeling a little more cheerful now!

    And thinking of Hannah with the Grey Suits – :o)

  • Lynne Lewis

    Have to agree with the article Doug despite loving Cbeebies from a female perspective I always had a problem with the token Wendy in Bob the Builder. My son has kindly since introduced me to Super Mario and Princess Peach – what a role model eh!;)