Mozilla's Educational Initiatives

Doug Belshaw, Mozilla Foundation

Mozilla's Educational Initiatives


Why are we doing this?

Mozillians are people who make things. Moving people from consumption to creation is Mozilla's goal.

Mitchell Baker, Mozilla Chair and Chief Lizard Wrangler


I'm going to talk about three things:

  1. Webmaker
  2. Web Literacy Standard
  3. Open Badges

1. Webmaker

Webmaker: X-Ray Goggles

Screenshot of X-Ray Goggles

Webmaker: Thimble

Screenshot of Thimble

Webmaker: Popcorn Maker

Screenshot of Popcorn Maker

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2. Web Literacy Standard

Web Literacy Standard: intro

How do you get better at reading, writing and participating on the Web?

  • How do you know what things matter as a learner?
  • How do organisations know what to focus on?

Web Literacy Standard: the problem

At the moment we've got learning silos.

  • Lots of awesome work, but no joined-up thinking
  • Mozilla is well-placed to sort this out

Web Literacy Standard

Web Literacy Standard specification v1.0

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Web Literacy Standard logo

3. Open Badges

Open Badges

Credentialing matters.

  • What can be credentialed gets assessed.
  • What gets assessed can be measured.
  • What can be measured gets taught.
  • What gets taught (hopefully) is learned.

Open Badges

Anatomy of an Open Badge

CC BY-SA Kyle Bowen

Open Badges

Open Badges can be displayed across the Web and can capture anything:

  • Behaviours
  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Affiliations
  • (etc.)

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Open Badges logo

The End

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