Dr. Doug Belshaw




Current roles

🫶 Co-founder, We Are Open Co-op (2016-Present)

Helped set up a collective of independent thinkers and makers helping charities, ethical companies, government departments and educational institutions with sensemaking and digital transformation.

🗨️ Consultant, Dynamic Skillset (2015-Present)

Set up my own consultancy business to work with a range of organisations around Open Badges, digital/new literacies, and organisational change. Regularly present on various subjects at conferences worldwide.

Career history

🚀 Product Manager, Moodle (2018-2020)

Conceived the vision for, and built a team to deliver, the world’s first ActivityPub-based decentralised digital commons for educators. MoodleNet, as the project was known, was forked by the original team to form Bonfire.

🕸️ Web Literacy Lead, Mozilla Foundation (2013-2015)

Led Mozilla’s web literacy work which underpinned their Webmaker programme, advising all parts of the organisation on related initiative. Worked with more than 100 stakeholders worldwide to define a ‘standard’ for web literacy to build upon.

🤹 Badges & Skills Lead, Mozilla Foundation (2012-2013)

Led Mozilla’s work in Europe promoting Open Badges. Spoke at 50+ conferences and events, driving adoption of the standard, which led to millions of dollars, thousands of students, and big brands such as IBM getting behind the initiative.

👨‍💻 Researcher/Analyst, Jisc infoNet (2010-2012)

Based at Northumbria University, worked on national programmes to create resources for use by senior managers in FE and HE institutions. Supported Jisc’s Developing Digital Literacies programme and managed the Open Educational Resources (OER) infoKit.

🧑‍🏫 Pre-2010

Teacher and senior leader in schools in Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire, and Northumberland.

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