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Paradigms within research methodology

Inspired by Bredo’s diagrams in ‘Philosophies of Educational Research’ (within Handbook of Complementary Methods in Education Research – see previous post for reference), I’ve produced the following diagram. Hopefully it will help clarify my thinking when it comes to writing the methodology section of my thesis proposal:

Gliffy diagram?

Back on the thesis proposal trail…

Trail (Depth of Mist Wood)

After failing my previous Ed.D. thesis proposal (I can see why now…) I’m beginning the process of starting from first principles, this time building towards analysing the concept of ‘digital literacy’. The books I’ll be looking at today are both ones I’ve looked at (briefly) before and are both edited by Ilana Snyder:

  • * Page to Screen: taking literacy into the electronic era
  • * Silicon Literacies: communication, innovation and education in the electronic age

I’ll be putting my notes, as usual, over at in the ‘thesis’ section.