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Weeknote 41/2013

This week I’ve been:

  • Returning from the Mozilla Summit. I wrote up the things that blew my mind the most.
  • Attending my usual weekly calls. There was, understandably, less energy around the place.
  • Working with the Webmaker team to transfer the Web Literacy Standard. You can see the progress of that here.
  • Talking to various people, including the BBC, about using Open Badges for events.
  • Getting excited at the SQA’s official statement of support for Open Badges.
  • Putting together a couple of proposals (with colleagues) for the DML 2014 conference.
  • Working from the Ignite100 loft. I haven’t been for a while so it was good to see some familiar faces.
  • Updating the GitHub repository for the Web Literacy Standard to v1.0 of the specification using GitBox (thanks for the help, Nabil!)
  • Taking PTO (a.k.a. holiday) on Friday to look after my two year-old daughter as we’ve got some childcare issues at the moment.

Next week I’m planning to take Thursday off as there’s a teacher strike in the North East so both my son and daughter will be at home. I’ve no chance of doing any work! Other than that I’ll just be preparing for the Mozilla Festival. You should come.

Weeknote 40/2013

This week I’ve been:

Next week I get back from the Summit on Monday and then I need to get everything completely sorted for the Web Literacy Standard to be transferred to the Webmaker site (and localised) by the Mozilla Festival. I’m also planning to take PTO to look after my daughter on Friday.