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Hyperlocality and iterating towards 2.0

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You can’t expect people to go from zero to Twitter junkie in 3.2 seconds. The other day, as I jogged past the local parish noticeboard, I thought, “I should take a picture of that and put it online.”

Somewhat serendipitously, I came across a link to Have a guess what you find when you visit the site? Yep:

Third Place Books, Ravenna, Seattle

This is Noticeboard 1.5. Technology-enhanced, but perpetuating a paradigm.

Whether it’s ‘your job’ to facilitate technology integration or not, remember that there are stages between where people are and where people like you are. It’s easy to forget that you had to go through the inbetween stages too. Although you can learn from others’ experiences, it will be different for you and the people around you.

Remember that. 🙂