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Hannah’s new car


After a lot of research on Parkers and Autotrader we narrowed our search for a car for Hannah down to two. It was a tricky one as, although it needs to be used by Hannah each day, it needs to be registered and insured in my name (to build up no-claims discount).

The SEAT Arosa we test drove was great, but the price wasn’t. The Vauxhall Corsa pictured above is just right: small engine (cheap insurance & tax), fairly stylish (metallic blue), economical (c.50mpg) and within our budget. We’ve paid the deposit and pick it up later in the week. 🙂 Read more →

Hannah and Ben back home

After a couple of nights in hospital, Hannah and Ben are now back safe and sound at home. Ben’s feeding well – in fact, a little too well! All he seems to do is feed, sleep and cry. Still, that’s what babies do best…

Hannah and I knew that we’d be in for some fairly sleepless nights, but knowing that and experiencing it are two completely different propositions!

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