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Weeknote 22/2013

This week I’ve been:

  • Recovering from jetlag. I was in Toronto last week for the Mozilla All-Hands and coming back (i.e. forwards in time) is always a bit rough.
  • Ending #LettingGrow. I wrote about that decision here. I now have significantly less hair.
  • Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool (well, my version of it at least). It was Bank Holiday Monday and then I took four days’ holiday from work so I’ve been off all week.
  • Collaborating with Vinay Gupta on Firecloud after we got the go-ahead from the Mozilla Hatchery to develop the idea further.
  • Ordering a Firefox OS phone. As a Mozilla employee I’ll get one eventually anyway, but they’re also offering them for free now to those willing to use the device as a ‘daily driver’. I’m in.
  • Trying to figure out my tax return (it was corporation tax for the now-defunct Synechism Ltd). I am not a details man.
  • Looking after the children while my wife does some marking for Edexcel.
  • Playing a lot of Battlefield 3. I am quite possibly the world’s deadliest virtual sniper.
  • Putting on 6lbs in weight. Eating healthily and exercising haven’t been high on my agenda this week!

Next week I’m presenting on Open Badges at the CILIPS conference up in Dundee on Tuesday, getting stuck back into the Web Literacy standard work, and going into Seaton Burn College on Friday to talk badges.