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5 things it’s currently fashionable to say (without much evidence)

1. iPhones

The thing about the iPhone is that it’s not a very good phone.

Really? In what sense?

2. Self-organised Learning

Teachers just need to get out of kids’ way – they know how to organise their learning.

I’m not sure they do, actually. I agree education needs to change, but let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater…

3. eBooks

By 2015 eBooks will have replaced paper books as the primary means of reading.

No they won’t. They’ll grow in popularity, no doubt, but paper books will continue to be printed – just like people still ride horses even though there are cars, and people continue to watch TV despite the internet.

4. Teaching

She’s a born teacher.

Really? So if she’d been brought up with wolves in the middle of the jungle she’d be as good at teaching?

Everything takes practice; you have to learn how to do things. This takes time. To say otherwise is to abdicate responsibility in developing yourself and others.

5. Social networks & productivity

If you want to be more productive, limit the time you spend on Twitter and other social networks.

It depends what type of productivity, what you’re producing and whether you’re looking for quality or quantity. I literally couldn’t do my job to the same standard without the connections I’ve got on Twitter.