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The /now page is something proposed by Derek Sivers. The idea is to write something short, something “you’d tell a friend you hadn’t seen in a year.”

Last updated: March 2020

Hello! I’m updating this at the start of a self-imposed Team Belshaw social distancing. We’ve decided that the kids aren’t going to school tomorrow, so Hannah (my wife) has drawn up a timetable for them. She’s a teacher changing career to be a UX designer, so she knows what she’s doing!

I’m very thankful to have a job where I work remotely. Three days per week I’m working for Moodle on a new federated social network for educators. It’s called MoodleNet and I’m currently writing a crowdfunding plan to take it to the next level.

The remaining time, I work with my co-op colleagues through We Are Open. All of our in-person gigs have been postponed, but we’ve still got some with Greenpeace and Red Hat that we can do remotely.

I’m still living in Morpeth in the north east of England. I usually travel quite a bit, but the pandemic means I’m going nowhere for a while! That includes going up mountains, which is a shame as I successfully completed a Mountain Leader course just before Christmas.

This crisis should help us figure out individually, and as a human race, what we deem important. At least, I hope so.