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A few days ago, I kicked off a new side project called It’s an aggregator focused on privacy news from around the web.

The aesthetic wasn’t quite what I was after so, although this isn’t it’s final form, as you can see below I’ve made some changes.

Screenshot of

I used an image entitled Vintage Wall Gate from Pixabay for the header image, and changed the title fonts to serif. I’m not a big fan these days of Google Fonts, etc. given that everything looks fine just using whatever default serif and sans-serif fonts users have installed.

I didn’t want a really bright orange RSS icon, so I chose this one. Then, to ensure the colour balance with the background green, I used the website. After sharing on the Fediverse, Kev Quirk suggested some formatting tweaks, so thanks to him for those.

It’s nice to have a site that I visit myself as it auto-updates with news from around the web. If you’ve got suggestions for RSS feeds or iterating the design further, please let me know!

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Another new side project: screenshot

I’m not sure what it is with me and side projects at the moment, but I started another one today called I’m a big fan of news aggregator websites, and thought it was about time there was one related to online privacy that I would visit regularly.

Unlike, for which I manually update an XML file hosted via GitHub Pages, is an installation of WordPress hosted via a DigitalOcean droplet. I’m using the extraordinarily simple (and free!) WP RSS Aggregator plugin to import feeds from various privacy-related blogs.

The rather comically-bad combined emoji logo was created in about 30 seconds using this guide. I’ll replace it, hopefully with a custom-designed one from someone who knows what they’re doing. I may also tinker with the layout.

There is, of course, an RSS feed for the feeds that the aggregator pulls in which you can access at:

If you’ve got suggestions of blogs and other news sites to aggregate, please let me know!

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How to subscribe to logo

This is just a quick update to say that I’ve been working behind the scenes to make my side project,, easy to subscribe to for updates.

There are now several ways to keep up-to-date with my ongoing documentation of the climate emergency:

  • Email digest
  • Telegram channel
  • Twitter account
  • Mastodon account
  • RSS feed

These options very much reflect the services I use, so no Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp options, for example. However, there’s nothing stopping someone using the RSS feed and creating their own bots for their favourite service! If you do this, please let me know so I can update the site.

Subscribe to

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