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TB871: Systems in my situation of interest

Note: this is a post reflecting on one of the modules of my MSc in Systems Thinking in Practice. You can see all of the related posts in this category

For this module, my area of practice is community development and wellbeing, with my situation of interest being library services. Zooming into that situation, we find a number of systems in play. In the diagram below, I have highlighted (full yellow small circles) the ones I deem most important:

Activity 3.14 in this module informs me that, later, I will choose one of these to work with for the remainder of this section. If I’ve understood properly what’s required of me, that will probably be Lifelong learning in a library context.

Although I need to learn more about the Viable System Model (VSM), I think applying it to this area will be interesting, as I’m pretty sure the library service (at least where I live) is very much out of step with its environment.

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