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Month: April 2015

Wednesday Wisdom #35: Copyright

Wednesday Wisdom 35: Copyright

I had the privilege of seeing Cory Doctorow speak at Newcastle City Library on Monday night. He was almost otherworldly-eloquent and clear about copyright and wider digital issues. That a New York Times bestselling author and internet celebrity still finds time to address a small room full of people with free admission makes him even more awesome in my eyes.

The whole set of Wednesday Wisdom images can be found in my Creative Commons-licensed Flickr set.

Image CC BY-NC-SA ptufts

Open Networked Learning webinar

Update: The recording can be found here.

Tomorrow evening I’m running a webinar as part of Open Networked Learning, an initiative of three Swedish institutions: Lund University, the Karolinka Institute, and Linnaeus University. I’ll be speaking on digital literacies.

The placeholder slide below links to to Slideshare, where I’ll share the full deck once I’ve finished it!

Update: slides now available below! (can’t see them? click here)

Happily, not only is the webinar recorded, but wider participation is positively encouraged. Here’s the details if you want to join in:

  • Date: Tuesday 28th April 2015
  • Time: 5pm UTC (10am Western US / 1pm Eastern US / 6pm UK / 7pm Western Europe)
  • Location:

Wear your best trousers. 🙂

Weeknote 17/2015

This week I’ve been:

Next week I’m in London Tuesday/Wednesday working from the C&G offices, running a webinar on digital literacies for Lund University in Sweden, and reviewing my first month as a consultant. I think I might start calling myself into the office again at the start of each month…

Image CC BY Mark Freeth