Back to bullet points. This week (which was remarkably similar to the one before), I’ve been:


  • Reviewing updates, writing, and meeting with colleagues about an upcoming Learning Pathways whitepaper.
  • Saying goodbye to Kat Braybrooke who’s leaving Mozilla to begin a PhD.
  • Finalising the learning objectives for the Web Literacy Clubs ‘Remixing’ and ‘Composing for the Web’ activities.
  • Building out the GitHub repository for the Learning Pathways whitepaper. We’re mainly using it for the issue tracking at the moment.
  • Thinking through which badges we could issue in Q1 for Clubs.
  • Preparing for, hosting, and writing up this week’s Web Literacy Map v1.5 community call. We focused on the skills underpinning the newly re-scoped ‘Designing for the Web’, ‘Accessibility’ and ‘Web Mechanics’ competencies.
  • Meeting with the headteacher and class teacher at my son’s school to arrange running a Web Literacy Club. I had to fill in lots of forms.
  • Creating pre- and post- session questionnaires (Remixing, Composing for the Web) for learners in Web Literacy Club testing sessions.
  • Reviewing a draft overview of the Privacy Badges report for Karen.
  • Tweaking and finishing off Michelle’s work on the two new activities we’re testing with Web Literacy Clubs this week.
  • Making an overview of how to play HTML Corners as part of one of the Clubs activities.
  • Talking with Media Smarts about the way their work can inform Mozilla’s (and vice versa!)
  • Writing blog posts:

Dynamic Skillset

  • Meeting with Pete Phillips about some potential consultancy with CODEC at Durham University.
  • Setting up at CRM sooner rather than later. I tried a couple of self-hosted Open Source options, but in the end went with Zoho CRM.
  • Confirming a booking to keynote and run a workshop at London College of Fashion‘s staff/student conference.


Next week I’ll be ensuring my colleagues have everything they need before I head off on holiday. I’m also appearing on a Google Hangout on Air with Ian O’Byrne and Bryan Mathers.

Image CC BY-SA Quinn Dombowski