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Weeknote 41/2014

This week I’ve been:

  • Interviewed by Christie Koehler about a new Mozilla Learning Center.
  • Devising a community survey for the Web Literacy Map 2.0. More in this blog post. Please do complete it!
  • Putting the finishing touches to the first deliverable from the Badge Alliance Digital & Web Literacies working group. More on this next week when we’ve decided the launch format. The document itself is 95% finished.
  • Lecturing¬†and running a workshop at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln. This was in preparation for my MozFest sessions and the updated Web Literacy Map. I wrote it up here.
  • Thinking and writing about the concept of an architecture of participation in terms of ‘episodic volunteering’. I’ve also been thinking and writing about the affordances and biases of social networks.
  • Adding the sessions I’m (co-)leading at MozFest to my wiki.
  • Collating links relevant to Web Literacy Map v2.0 on the Mozilla wiki.

It’s funny. That doesn’t look like a lot when represented in bullet points, but a lot of it involved preparation that’s hidden (e.g. recording the introductory video for the survey, creating the lecture slides and workshop activities).

Next week I’m in Edinburgh on Monday for the OEPS Advisory Forum and Project launch. The rest of the week will be spent planning for MozFest and sifting through (ongoing responses) to the Web Literacy Map v2.0 community survey.

Image CC BY Charles

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