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Weeknote 10/2014


This week I’ve been:

  • Hanging out with the rest of the #TeachTheWeb team (check out that new wiki page!) in London on Monday and Tuesday. We got some clarity on what we’re up to this year. Michelle, Laura, Kat and Fuzzy are awesome.
  • Updating people about what’s been going on with Open Badges recently via this blog post.
  • Responding to shedloads of comments from my colleagues on an upcoming Webmaker whitepaper. So many, in fact, that I’ve had to delay sharing the draft more widely until Karen Smith and I have rewritten it. Thankfully, the proposed changes come from people’s desire for the paper to underpin our work across the Foundation.
  • Writing some stuff for Open Education Week (which is next week). I’ve got a guest post going on Brian Kelly’s blog and I’m leading a discussion on behalf of Mozilla via our Webmaker Google+ community. You can preview what we’ll discuss here.
  • Moderating an enthusiastic and productive #TeachTheWeb community call.
  • Updating the Web Literacy Map to v1.1 on the Mozilla wiki – complete with a new, more balanced competency grid. The ‘canonical page’ for the Map has been updated to Further details in this post.
  • Adjusting successfully to an even more web-based workflow. I’m continuing to use my Chromebox most of the time when I’m at home, but the biggest change has been our printer breaking. This means I’m now without copies of my daily planner so I’ve had to iterate a new approach. More on that soon!
  • Featured on the blog after a couple of tweets with them. Which was nice. 🙂

Next week I’ll be at home. In fact, I’ve got no more travel scheduled in March; my next trip is for the Oppi Festival in Helsinki early next month.

Image CC BY-NC-SA luke chan

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