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How I use a MacBook Pro (October 2012)

Back in May 2011 I put together a 9-minute screencast showing how I used a (previous work’s) MacBook Pro. That proved reasonably popular with over 18,000 views on YouTube and plenty of comments here. Happily, Stephen Downes picked up on it and shared the way he works.

I thought it was time for an update, not least because I now work for a different organisation and do so from home. I can’t promise that the video screencast above is a comprehensive overview of everything I do, but it reflects what I’m up to right now! Thanks to colleague Laura Hilliger for giving me a nudge to do this. 🙂

Tip: crank the video quality up to 720p and click the arrows to the bottom-right of the embedded YouTube video to go fullscreen!

2 thoughts on “How I use a MacBook Pro (October 2012)

  1. Hi Doug. Thanks for putting this together. It was a really interesting watch. You mentioned that you don’t use Time Machine anymore to backup. What do you tend to use instead? Nitin

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