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Google Apps for Education UK summit [HELP REQUIRED]

By way of background, I’m a Google Certified Teacher and was a Lead Learner at the first Google Teacher Academy UK in 2010. I use and like Google’s products and they’re often a great fit for what schools want to do beyond a VLE. And finally, I’m doing this for love, not money. It’s kind of tangential to my role with Mozilla.


Google Apps


Mark Wagner got in touch with me recently asking for some help in setting up a Google Apps for Education UK summit in (11-12?) May 2013.

I, in turn, am asking for your help. 🙂

The summit will be produced by Mark’s organisation, EdTechTeam, in partnership with the Google in Education team. You can see the other summits on the tour here.

What they’re looking for:

  • A large space (theatre or auditorium) for 300 or more people.
  • Two large rooms for 50 or more people (optional).
  • Ten or more small rooms (classrooms) for 25-30 people.
  • A high-bandwidth internet connection (at least 100 Mbps) and wifi for up to 500 or more devices on simultaneously.
  • A beautiful facility and/or campus.
  • Easy access to catering, hotels, public transportation, and airports.
  • A region rich in tourist attractions.

So that sounds to me a whole lot like a sizeable educational institution in a large city.

Answers on a postcard, to me via ‘Email me’ at, or in the comments below please!

13 thoughts on “Google Apps for Education UK summit [HELP REQUIRED]

      1. I reckon you should pop up for the British Sci Festival and see what a great place this part of the world is …. there’s an international airport that I can see the Royal reserve helicopter’s rotors preparedly turning … a contrast of uni campuses old abdn and new rgu or facilities downtown (and indeed an enormous exhibition centre on the outskirts which hosted the recentish Googley roadshow. And the town is small enough so that you can bump into a handful of folk that you know every time you pop into the centre of the City. Finally the last group I invited up here enjoyed the nightlife too. Drop me an email …

      1. Hi Doug, I run the Technocamps project from Swansea University, based in the CS dept within the College of Science. I can certainly speak to those here who would need to be in agreement

  1. Said Business School, Oxford. Next door to the train station, near the bus station (direct buses to major airports), near the centre so easy to use the park and ride options surrounding Oxford. They put on lots of events.

    Tourist attractions: it’s Oxford, the university was established ~800 years ago, there’s lots of history, culture and shopping. And if necessary, You can get to central London on regular trains and buses. Oxfordshire is beautiful countryside and dotted with historic villages (there’s a church near us that dates to 12th century). Bicester Designer Outlet Village is within easy reach so there’s something for everybody!

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