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How to Develop Digital Literacies in Yourself and Others [PRESENTATION]

5 thoughts on “How to Develop Digital Literacies in Yourself and Others [PRESENTATION]

  1. Doug, I can’t even begin to pretend that I have an inkling on Digital Literacy but what I do understand has been due to you, your blog and these presentations. This again is a great presentation, one that a digital literacy beginner like myself can follow and get his head round. And thanks again for referring to the 8 elements as I can see these been used in my classroom during term2 .

  2. Thanks, Doug — I always enjoy and learn from your presentations. Love the design, first of all! Your explanation in part 1 is clear and so useful. My one suggestion is in part 2: wondering if slide 51 could be put earlier in that section (somewhere between the memes and JISC). I’m thinking of Nancy Duarte’s notion of the “heartbeat” of a story/presentation. I think slide 51, by defining “what is”, creates the tension Nancy talks about, which can then by released by exploring the JISC initiatives and your great examples at the end of this section. By the way, I really like the way you link these examples back to your elements — very useful. Thanks, as always, for sharing your work.

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