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How do you define attendance? [JISC Inform article]

How do you define attendance?

I promised recently to make it easier for people to easily find out the multiple places online that I publish my research and writing. Some of those places, however, constitute one-offs: contributions to magazines or books for example.

At the JISC Conference 2011 I presented with JISC Digital Media on Using Digital Media to Improve Teaching and Learning. I made the point that we need to change what we mean by ‘attendance’ (Slideshare deck below – click through if you don’t see it)

Nicola Yeeles from JISC was in the audience that day and subsequently interviewed me in May. It’s finally made it’s way into a very nicely set-out piece in JISC Inform, the online magazine for the Further and Higher Education sectors in the UK. I especially like the way it includes some audio snippets from the interview itself.

Well worth a read (even if I do say so myself!) if you need some ammunition as to why the dynamics of the classroom need to change.

3 thoughts on “How do you define attendance? [JISC Inform article]

  1. Its the audience that makes wimbledon – no “come on tim” no funĀ  ….. being punctually present is also a key work ethic – you only need to miss a train by seconds once to learn that life lesson

  2. I’ve been trying to move some lectures to this model of “attendance” for more than 10 years – I think that with enough of us shouting about it they might catch on soon :)

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