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The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies (#digilit)


Soon after Grace, my daughter, was born earlier this year I was invited to Australia to keynote the Association of Independent Schools, New South Wales ICT Managers’ Conference. At the time, Grace was having some problems with lactose intolerance and so I couldn’t commit to being the other side of the world. The organisers still wanted me to present and so I produced the above ‘TELL Talk’ on The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies along with giving a 50-minute workshop on the same subject.

It felt a bit strange getting dressed to present at 2am in the morning to co-ordinate with their schedule but the technology worked well and the session seemed to be well-received.

If you’d like me to present either virtually or in person at your conference or event, do check out my presentations section and get in touch!

Update: watch the Zipcast of my presentation here

9 thoughts on “The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies (#digilit)

  1. Thank you for sharing this excellent presentation, Doug. Really enjoyed it.
    I’m currently writing a brief article (1,500w) about digital literacies for an academic journal, aimed at an audience of teachers who knows very little about it, and would like to reference your eight elements of digital literacies. Not sure how to reference your work (as part of your thesis?), and would also like to make sure I’m paraphrasing your elements correctly. Could I send you a draft of the article when it’s ready, so you can check that you’re happy with the way you’re quoted? 🙂
    If you’d like to send me your e-mail, you can contact me via our website:

    Nicky Hockly
    Director of Pedagogy
    The Consultants-E

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