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Mr. Men on the opposite of productivity

Inspiration for my blog posts come from anywhere – it’s all about thinking and reflecting on your experiences. Children are excellent at this. One of the stories I read my son at bedtime this evening was a wonderful example of how to be busy without being productive.

The following quotation is from the marvellous Mr Rush, one of the Mr Men books by Roger Hargreaves:

After his half a breakfast [Mr Rush] rushed off again.

Out of his front door (leaving it open), down his garden path, out of his garden gate (leaving it open too), and off down the lane.

He passed Mr Happy.

“Hello,” called Mr Happy. “Good morning, Mr Rush. Where are you off to?”

“Can’t stop,” cried Mr Rush. “I’m in much too much of a hurry!”

“I can see that,” thought Mr Happy to himself as he watched Mr Rush disappear into the distance. “I wonder where he’s going?”

Where Mr Rush was going was nowhere.


As usual.

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