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Doug on Productivity – Episode 1


I’ve been wanting to do more video stuff for a while. That’s why I’ve decided to begin two new projects, the first of which is a series called Doug on Productivity which I’ll try to get out every Monday morning (GMT).

In this first episode I answer three productivity-related questions about email, motivation and “writer’s block”.

Got some questions for Episode 2? Add them to the comments either here (below) or over at the YouTube page. 😀

2 thoughts on “Doug on Productivity – Episode 1

  1. Re: E-mail

    I find that having an e-mail schedule helps me; I only read/respond to e-mail at certain times of the day. I also make sure that the first thing I do in the morning is NOT read my e-mail. I check my calendar, I review my task lists, but I don’t read e-mail until I’ve actually DONE something for the day.

    I also only have 3 mailboxes: Inbox, Sent and Done. (actually, I lie,my Done folders are separated by year just to keep index sizes down). I know where every e-mail is; in the Done folder. Anything that needs to be kept as Reference gets put in Evernote and tagged appropriately instead of being filed in a folder in my e-mail that I’ll never remember.

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