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Calling myself into the office: May 2010

In #uppingyourgame: an educator’s guide to productivity I mention an idea originally by Dan Pink in his book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. It’s a fairly simple idea, but involves a journey that I want to share publicly. Why? It will motivate me even more and make explicit the process involved in case others want to do likewise! 🙂

The idea is that of ‘calling yourself into the office’ once a month for a review meeting. Just as you would do at a performance management review, you should be testing yourself against a set of goals or targets that were set at the previous meeting. As this is the first of these monthly posts I’m planning to share this one is just target-setting. The next of these will include a review and then further target-setting.

I’m going to set myself 5 targets for this month:

  1. To write and send off my first academic journal article, applying Empson’s seven types of ambiguity to the issue of digital literac(ies).
  2. Not to bite my nails at all (it’s not particularly a nervous thing – I only do this whilst I’m reading or driving for some reason…)
  3. To continue to publish a blog post here every day without fail.
  4. Book a laser eye surgery appointment (I’m sick to death of wearing contact lenses and glasses!)
  5. To lose one stone in weight (I’m currently 14 stones, which my Wii Fit thinks is too much – I’m 6’1″)

I think all that’s eminently do-able!

Anyone want to join me in this public journey of self-improvement? :-p

6 thoughts on “Calling myself into the office: May 2010

  1. BMI is a very poor measurement of appropriate weight. 13stone at 6″1′ would put you at lighter than me per unit height and I don’t intend to loose any unless I want to improve my performance in a specific discipline (I should be lighter to be a cyclist, heavier to be a rower). Set this as a target but also take more appropriate metrics such as waist measurement, 5km pace, resting heart rate…

    1. Thanks Ben, I’ll bear that in mind. 🙂 It actually recommended 11
      stone 12 pounds which would put me very close to the extremely skinny
      11.5 stones I was at uni! 😮

  2. Good goals. I think monthly goals are far more achievable than, say, new year’s resolutions.

    My goals for May are:
    Adapt the AG&T lesson proforma I’ve had in my inbox for a month
    Meet with the T&L group to arrange paired lesson observations for term 6
    Finish writing a scheme of work…any scheme of work!
    Wear all my work/season appropriate shoes at least once, and charity-bag any I really can’t face wearing on the basis that they are too uncomfortable…what a heavyweight goal that is….
    Go to circuits at least four times

    Good luck with yours!

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