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Learning and growing.

Confucius quotation

Image CC-BY-NC-ND bobsd46 @ Flickr

These last few weeks have been difficult for me. Being promoted quickly is great but comes at the expense of very steep learning curves! 😮

That’s when quotations mashed with images like the ones above are useful to spur me on. I’ve just used an online poster-printing service to get a bunch printed for my office. There more images like the one above available at the Flickr group entitled Great quotes about Learning and Change. 🙂

What are YOUR favourite images or quotations relating to motivation/productivity?

4 thoughts on “Learning and growing.

  1. Just Do It. (Which, by the way, I thought of before Nike marketed it, wrestling hard with “how do people with self discipline get things done?” ) As in: no, don’t do anything else ’til it’s done :)

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