A video introduction to using Google Calendar for timetables and meetings

I pushed out a new video to all staff at the Academy today. It’s 6 minutes long and demonstrates how to use Google Calendar in conjunction with Google Docs for lesson timetables and meetings. Although there’s unfortunately no RSS feed for it, you can catch these kinds of videos and general E-Learning stuff I produce over at NCEA E-Learning Updates.

This can be seen as an update to the following posts I wrote a few years ago:

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  1. Im not even a teacher but I thought that was a great video Doug, informative without being patronising. Look forward to seeing more.

  2. Hi Doug, I love google calendar!!!

    I currently use iCal via my mac/iPhone and publish @ .ME for my Head of Department – But I’m going to look into linking iCal to google (if it can be done).

    Also – I see you’re using frog VLE at the Academy – Can you point me in the direction of some good reviews/info etc on it in action? My School currently use the free VLE from our LA.

  3. @doug I’ll be leading a training session later this term and your saved me a load of time. I might not even appear in person. Thanks!

    @paul Spanning Sync works for iCal/GCal syncing but is $25 a year. For me, it’s good value with no Mac at school. If Spanning Sync isn’t necessary under Snow Leopard I’d love a link…

  4. syncing Ical with google calendar is available under Snow Leopard but also 10.5 (the common leopard:-). try


    Great Video Doug Thanks

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