Thinking of changing this blog…

BloggeurI’ll keep this short. I’m thinking about changing this blog for two reasons.

  1. WordPress (which powers this blog) is database-driven. That means it’s not archived over at That means if I died tomorrow, my work would be pretty much lost forever. This is the main reason.
  2. I get bored of the same blog theme after a while. While the one I’ve got at the moment (Digital Statement) allows me contain lots of ‘stuff’, I’m thinking crisp and clean – like the Flickr blog, for example. There’s also some nice onces over at

So… suggestions for blogging engines that produce static HTML pages? (or do you know of WordPress plugins that allow the same?) 🙂

Oh, and before you say renders WordPress blogs just fine, have a look at the mess it made of the previous iteration of this one! (pic)

Image cc-by Mike Licht,

Update: Upon further investigation after this helpful tweet by @ctdesign, it would appear it could be something as simple as the link to the CSS file in my header. Cool.

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  1. Hi, Doug
    Are you familiar with the opensource content management platform?

    Cheers, Angus

  2. No probs Doug, anytime.

    I’ve had a look at other CMS’s before and, although it depends on the purpose of the website, I’ve found wordpress to always meet my needs – I use it to power my schools site:

  3. Me thinks you need to consider an API solution, e.g. Blogger data API…think xml, and you’ll be surprised how much you can extend a tool like blogger. Or else hunt down and open source CMS-type API that allows you to generate your blog archives in html.

  4. Hmm… I think if I were starting out now I’d be tempted to go with Blogger. But with 3+ years of blog posts to think about, I’m not sure!

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