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One step ahead of the storm.

Ahead of the Storm

Started as Director of E-Learning yesterday. Not going to be teaching at all until September – even then probably only 8 periods per week ‘across Key Stages’. Mostly team-teaching and modelling good practice. My primary role is to support teaching and learning using educational technology.

I have a vision.

Lots of meetings. It would seem I need to become more of a political animal…

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7 thoughts on “One step ahead of the storm.

  1. Good luck, Doug, all the best for your new and exciting role. I am sure that you will be highly successful

  2. Morning Doug

    I know the feeling, I too have started in a new role with significantly less teaching and am already asking myself if it’s the right thing for me. I love technology and I love teaching, but the thought of being sat in an office working on a PC most the day rather than engaging with pupils is a little scary. I guess I will have to see how it goes as will you.

    Hope it pans out well


    1. It takes some time to adapt to things that you usually don’t do, slowly but surely things start getting easier, that’s what I felt when I changed my profession!


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