One step ahead of the storm.

Ahead of the Storm

Started as Director of E-Learning yesterday. Not going to be teaching at all until September – even then probably only 8 periods per week ‘across Key Stages’. Mostly team-teaching and modelling good practice. My primary role is to support teaching and learning using educational technology.

I have a vision.

Lots of meetings. It would seem I need to become more of a political animal…

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  1. Its odd that so much E needs so much of the traditional “meat meet” – guess the message has to be gotten across somehow.

  2. Sounds really interesting Doug – good luck with it all. Look forward to hearing more about it.

  3. Good luck, Doug, all the best for your new and exciting role. I am sure that you will be highly successful

  4. Thanks for the positive messages, people – I hope it’s going to be good! :-)

  5. Morning Doug

    I know the feeling, I too have started in a new role with significantly less teaching and am already asking myself if it’s the right thing for me. I love technology and I love teaching, but the thought of being sat in an office working on a PC most the day rather than engaging with pupils is a little scary. I guess I will have to see how it goes as will you.

    Hope it pans out well


    • It takes some time to adapt to things that you usually don’t do, slowly but surely things start getting easier, that’s what I felt when I changed my profession!


  6. Good luck with it – I know you’ll be up to the challenge ;)

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