7 Things You May Not Know About Me

I’ve been tagged in another meme, this time the ‘7 Things You May Not Know About Me’ one by Alev Elci. As I participated in the ‘5 Things’ meme back on teaching.mrbelshaw.co.uk in 2006 here, I’ll cheat by just adding two. :-p

6. I have a rather dry sense of humour. More like Martini Extra Dry, in fact…

7. I’m not great at geography. Unlike my wife Hannah, who has top-down maps of places in her head, I can still get lost using a combination of my Sat-Nav and GPS feature of Google Maps on my iPhone. On the other hand, at any given time I could probably tell you pretty accurately which way is North, South, East or West. Bizarre.


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  1. Not so weird. I think what you have is a sense of personal orientation which is very different from a knowledge of the geography of a place.

  2. It is a known fact that men are more aware of direction(N,S,E,W) at any given time. Hannah is just genetically brilliant like her parents! No bias…

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