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Month: July 2008

My life in the next couple of weeks…

It may be the summer holidays, but I’m busier than ever! After meeting my new thesis supervisor yesterday, I need to get cracking investigating the concept of ‘digital literacy’. I’ve also got an impending deadline for the work I’m doing with Nick Dennis for a publishing company. Not to mention the list Hannah left me when she went down to Devon with Ben to give me some time and space… 😉

Thanks to @langwitches for linking to the image!

Zemanta Pixie barnraising: get involved in forming a community!

The edublogosphere is a wonderful place. It’s a place that’s grown almost exponentially since I joined it 3 years ago, making it a wonderfully diverse arena for discourse. 🙂

However, sometimes it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lost. How do you get in touch and interact with those facing similar situations and challenges as yourself? In addition to a network, there’s a need for groups.

Enter As I’ve already discussed, is to be a place for educational technology professionals and students. I’ve no financial interest in the project: I’m acting as domain name owner, facilitator, and contributor. 😀

I want it to be a grassroots community, a place for postgraduate students to find people to bounce ideas off, an arena for instructional technologists to discuss barriers and opportunities. But I need YOUR help to get this off the ground.

  1. If you’re an educational technology professional or student, imagine the type of community to which you’d like to belong.
  2. Imagine how you’d interact with that community.
  3. Contribute your ideas to the barnraising section of
  4. (optional) Share links to good stuff at
  5. (optional) Get involved in a synchronous chat towards the end of the week (to be organized) about the future of

Although I’ve obviously got my own ideas, I don’t want to be overly-prescriptive. I’m a great believer in the ability of people to organise themselves on a grassroots level. I’ve already been contacted by a great number of people who would seem to be in need of something like this. I know I am – let’s make it work! :-p

*Wondering what I mean by ‘barnraising’? It’s a predominantly Amish practice and a two-day event where the community comes together to build a barn. I first came across this in the film Witness.

My new Digital Literacies codex

I came across CommentPress again recently. It’s a theme for WordPress (which powers this blog) that allows people to comment on each paragraph of a post. I thought it would be a good idea to enable people to comment in this way on my Ed.D. thesis.

Therefore, to make things as simple as possible, I’ve set up a new Edublogs-powered digital codex at:

I say ‘digital codex’ because it’s not a blog, per se, more of an online article. There’s not a lot on there at the moment – just my thesis proposal – but it will grow as I write each chapter of my thesis. 🙂