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Use Your Head.

Use your head (small)

I don’t know whether laughter’s an appropriate response to the image on the left (click to enlarge).

Having resigned from my previous school (2 years ago now) due to stress, I know what it can be like.

Nice lampoon of the UK government’s campaign to encourage more people to train as teachers, though… :-p

Thanks for the link, sister-in-law Laura! 😀

2 thoughts on “Use Your Head.

  1. I did just that when teaching at an exceedingly ‘challenging’ comprehensive began to ruin my home life and affect my young children. An easy choice to make actually! I chose to be a Mum and a teacher – Kids are only young once and I can be a teacher anyday.
    However, I was soon a teacher again – and much happier and less stressed than I was. I guess it depends on where and who you teach. And how you’re managed too – still feel undervalued and put upon at times >:oI

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