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BETT 2008

Although won’t have a stall at BETT 2008 (we’re not quite big enough for that yet!), Doug Belshaw will be presenting with Futurelab on Saturday 12 January. The focus on the seminar is on grassroots innovation and is an outcome from the Teachers as Innovators programme.
Time: 11:45-12:30
Location: Best Practice

Title: Teachers as Innovators

Seminar Details:
This seminar will look at available resources and strategies that support teachers in developing new approaches to teaching and learning, empowering teachers to act as the innovators of new educational practices. The session will also highlight the resistances to change within schools and share different strategies used by innovative teachers to reduce these barriers. The aim of the session is to enable participants to leave with knowledge of the tools and strategies to develop new practices in their own schools.


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