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The Online Office space hots up

Adobe, reports the BBC, have purchased Buzzword, an online word-processing program (more at ZDNet and CrunchGear). Recently, Microsoft announced their Office Live Workspace (more via New York Times). Zoho, perhaps the most feature-packed solution is predicted to be bought by a major firm (Yahoo?) next. I’m using Google Apps for Education with my students and have to say I’m impressed. The ease by which students can collaborate and send work to me is fantastic. As it’s free I’m happy with it at the moment. I’m always on the lookout for better ways of working and learning, so please suggest any services or features I may have overlooked! (via Lifehacker)

One thought on “The Online Office space hots up

  1. I have recently started using google apps for education as well whilst I have been at my Temporary office space Chicago and am quite impressed so far. There is still room for improvement in functionality but it appears to be a very secure system and hasn’t let me down so far.

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