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The cinema? Pah!


Hannah and I went to see The Bourne Ultimatum; it’s a good film and a worthy close to the trilogy. But it wasn’t outstanding or amazing or anything, and I couldn’t help leaving the cinema thinking that we won’t be going back for a while. Why?

  • It cost us around £14 for the tickets alone, even with my student discount.
  • My enjoyment of the early part of the film was spoiled by cinema staff looking for ‘illegal recording devices’
  • We had (as usual) to sit through 25 mins of advertising – and this after queuing for 15 mins to actually get in.
  • It was too cold.
  • The seats weren’t that comfortable.
  • We couldn’t get a seat in the middle because it was so busy, so the sound effects felt a bit lop-sided.
  • I couldn’t pause it to get some food and drink.
  • People you don’t know can be irritating, especially when they’re talking or receiving text messages.
  • The picture quality seemed no better than DVD.
  • The list goes on…

I think we’ll be sticking to films at home for good while! 🙂

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