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Month: August 2007

New logo logo

I’m delighted to unveil the new logo – as you can see at the top of this site. It was created by the multi-talented and, dare I say it, award-winning Mr Paul Lewis, Head of Development at The Roundhouse in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. I have the privilege of having very creative people as close friends. 😀

If you’re reading this via your RSS reader and the image in this post doesn’t show up, please do stop by the site. I’m still tweaking the colours of the rest of the site but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s looking good!

Google Warehouse Model Viewer

Google Earth is amazing. Google Sketchup is even more amazing: 3D models of buildings in the correct geographical location that you can ‘visit’. Google has a 3D Warehouse site where you can view and upload buildings created by users of Google Earth. I, for example, tend to use the Colosseum in Rome when teaching the Romans to Year 7 History classes.

If you’re interested in the types of models that are being created, there’s a great tool called the 3D Warehouse Model Viewer that shows you on a map of the world the most recent, highest-rated, or most popular models that have been created. There’s real potential in these to make education come alive to students. 😀 (via Education/Technology)

Zoho Creator – web forms made easy!

As part of the drive towards ‘pupil voice’ in UK schools, educators need to have a quick and easy way to get feedback from students. Surveymonkey is a tried-and-tested favourite, but to glean responses from more than 100 people you need to pay a subscription fee. Thankfully, therefore, Zoho – the innovative company in competition with Google Apps – have released Zoho Creator. This seems to be a flexible solution with added bonuses such as automatic email notification and RSS feeds. More at Tim Lauer’s Education/Technology blog.