Google Docs keeps getting better…

Google Docs word count

When Word 97 came out I stayed with Word 6 for a long time. The reason was that I was doing my A Levels at the time and the grammar checker on Word 6 by default gave you the Flesch Reading Ease, the Flsech-Konrad Grade Level and a Readability Index. This was useful for checking whether I was using too many or too few hard words!

Google Docs & Spreadsheets has just been upgraded to include this information when you request a word count. I copied-and-pasted a recent blog post from and the results can be seen above.

(via Lifehacker, via Download Squad)


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  1. Now if I could only get it to connect to my non-Google blog!

  2. I managed to get it to post to my WordPress-powered blog, Rick. What are you using?

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