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Month: June 2007

Sausage Roll

Ben rolling (click to play video)

When Hannah was pregnant with Ben, we used to refer to him as ‘the bean’. For some reason, we now call him ‘the sausage’. It’s not that we’re especially fond of breakfast items, it kind of just… happened. Hence, now he can roll over from back to front and front to back, it’s a ‘sausage roll’… 🙂

(you’ll need Quicktime – or an alternative – installed to watch the video) Continue reading “Sausage Roll”

Heavens open, schools shut


I’ve been allowed to stay at home the past couple of days due to the flooding in South Yorkshire. Bentley, in north Doncaster has flooded after the River Don burst its banks. People affected have been taking refuge in our school’s Sports Hall. All staff will be required to be in school, but the only students will be Year 11s, in for the morning for their Leavers Day. So there’ll be a lot of staff with tired thumbs tomorrow evening from all that twiddling… Continue reading “Heavens open, schools shut”

Free and Open Source educational Mac software

The Free Mac Classroom

If your school has been forward-thinking enough and sensible to go with Macs for at least of its provision, you may have blown the budget on hardware. Never fear, however, as a fantastic site by the name of The Free Mac Classroom can point you towards some free and some Open Source software which should satisfy.

There’s a number of programs that I use fairly regularly on there for which I can vouch, including (in no particular order):

If you use a Mac, even at home rather than at school, I strongly suggest you check it out!