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The 3 quotations I live by

 Quotations in study

Over my long and varied 26 years on this earth I’ve come across many quotations and sayings which allow one to gain a firmer handle grip on the ephemeral thing we call ‘life’. So you’d expect the three quotations by which I live to be perhaps from such luminaries as Socrates, Jesus, Confucius, Dostoevsky, Wittgenstein, and the like. Well, you’d be wrong…

All three actually come from a little-known book which currently resides in our bathroom. The fact that it’s there is a little cheeky, given that it’s inscribed to my mother as a present from my sister and I for one of her birthdays. Nonetheless, it contains sage advice, three pieces of which I keep on the wall of my study.

Which tome of insightful brilliance am I talking about? Why, Winnie the Pooh’s Little Book of Wisdom, of course!

Winnie the Pooh’s Little Book of Wisdom

Here are my three favourite quotations, then:

  1. Insight – It’s best to know what you are looking for before you look for it.
  2. A Little Philosophy – Sometimes, the more you think, the more there is no real answer.
  3. Knowledge – If you stood on the bottom rail of a bridge, and leant over, and watched the river slipping slowly away beneath you, you would suddenly know everything that there is to be known.

Profound. Deeply profound. 🙂

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