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Month: May 2007

Nokia N95 tips, reviews and software all in one place

Nokia N95

It’s taken me the couple of weeks since I bought one to trawl through blogs, forums, wikis and websites about the Nokia N95. This post is dedicated to putting what I’ve found out so far in one place to help others who have just invested in the little marvel!

Note: I shall be adding to this post as I find out more information, so bookmark it for later. 🙂

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Microsoft Surface: imagine the edtech possibilities!

Microsoft Surface

Last year at the TED Talks conference, Jeff Han demonstrated a multi-touch computing interface. “Wow!” I thought – as did others such as Tom Barrett, who was invited to give his educational views on a similar product. Now, it would appear, the dream is becoming a reality. Check out Microsoft Surface.

The example given is on a tabletop, but it could work equally well as an interactive whiteboard. The multi-touch functionality and built-in wireless connectivity makes for a really, really intuitive interface. It’s better to just watch a video to see what I mean! Try these:

(image from Read/Write Web)

Google Street View

 Google Street View

I reckon the Google HQ is populated with geographers. Think about it: there’s Google Earth, Google Maps and now Google Street View. This allows users to ‘step into’ places and view them in 360-degree panoramas. Geography teachers should have a field day with this!

At present, Google Street View is only available in Denver, Las Vegas, Miami, New York City, and the San Francisco Bay Area. More info and images at Google Operating System.