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Month: January 2007

DVD Flick – burn any video file to DVD!

Lifehacker has a great guide to using a program called DVD Flick. This free, open-source, Windows-only program allows even novice users to burn videos in a range of formats (DivX, MPG, etc.) to playable DVD.

DVD Flick

This is a great solution for a variety of situations. For example, some schools are limited to a projector per department, so a teacher would be able to use DVD Flick to write a DVD of some downloaded/shared video file and show it via an inexpensive DVD player hooked up to an existing TV.

I do think that digital video is the way forward, but we need tools such as this for interim stop-gap times when we’ve got no other choice because the hardware just isn’t there. This is certainly one to spread the word about!

Open Word documents through Google Docs in GMail

You’ve got to love Google. They’ve quietly introduced the feature to open Word documents sent to your GMail account in Google Docs. I think all school students should have Google Accounts nowadays – it would save schools a whole lot of money and the way everything is integrated could lead to some great results! (via Lifehacker)