• How did you make that TeachMeet video using Spezify?

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    A few days ago I created a video for a TeachMeet that was well-received. I like to try and do new things when I present so I was thinking of ways in which I could get my points across in an engaging way. I’ve been asked by a few people how I put the video together.

    Models of Learning: #tmoxon presentation

    Although it may not look like it, the total time it took to produce that video was around thirty times as long as it takes to watch it. For an 8 minute video, then, that’s 240 minutes or 4 hours. Why did it take so long? Here’s the process I followed:

    1. Sketch out (pen and paper) ideas and what I want viewers to go away thinking and knowing.
    2. Come up with some kind of order for the presentation, break into sections and bullet points.
    3. Have a few dummy runs going through these points out loud to clarify the links between the bullet points and so it doesn’t sound stilted.
    4. Record each section using ‘Voice Notes’ on my iPhone.
    5. Email Voice Notes to myself.
    6. Listen to Voice Notes and note down images which might help illustrate points.
    7. Search on Spezify for images relating to first section and add to ‘Favourites’.
    8. Using QuickTimeX to record the screen (no sound), click on relevant images whilst listening to Voice Note on iPhone.
    9. Repeat for each section.
    10. Import screencasts for each section into iMovie as well as Voice Notes. Trim, align and edit.

    The ‘opening titles’ were, of course, an optional extra. I created them in Keynote with one slide, setting the animation properties, and then exporting the result as a QuickTime video. I imported this into iMovie, bought a track from Amazon MP3 and used a section of it, faded out at an appropriate place.

    After all this, I ran the video through several times, making sure that the video and audio were synced, that there weren’t any unnatural pauses, and that it felt consistent. Once that was done I exported it and uploaded it to YouTube.

    The great thing about creating a presentation in stages like this is that you can do it in bitesize chunks. And, of course, it puts the ideas first and the shiny-shiny second. :-)


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    1. 4goggas
      December 10, 2010 at 9:29 am

      Doug, this is excellent. Thanks for posting this help sheet. I really liked the way you did your TeachMeet presentation. Very dynamic, different and creative. I shall give it a go!

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