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    This post is briefer and more impressionistic than my usual conference posts. I didn’t have the time or the energy to write up each date of my experiences in Brussels as part of the multi-site Mozilla Summit 2013!

    Mozilla Summit 2013

    (more photos)

    Every few years, Mozilla holds a summit. This time, we’ve grown so large (paid + unpaid contributors) that we had to hold it across three different locations: Brussels, Toronto, and Santa Clara. I don’t mind admitting that I thought the timing was a little strange given that it’s only a couple of weeks until the Mozilla Festival, but then many things about Mozilla are out-of-the ordinary.

    It would take a long time to recount each encounter, workshop and thought I had during the time I was in Brussels, so here’s my highlights:

    • Feeling like part of a global movement focused on making the world a better place.
    • Hanging out with people I know, respect and like.
    • Realising that the Mozilla Foundation (the bit I work for) is well-respected within the Mozilla community.
    • Being impressed by the slick conference organisation and the feeling I was being looked after.
    • Introducing people to the Web Literacy Standard at the Innovation Fair.
    • Recognising and meeting people whose work I’ve only ever followed online (and some people recognising me/mine)
    • Being inspired by Mitchell Baker to ‘Imagine. Build. Teach’.
    • Helping Laura Hilliger run one of the sessions on Web Literacy and Webmaker – and contributing to sessions on Open Badges.
    • Asking hard questions about User Personalisation (UP).
    • Eating frites and waffles.
    • Drinking wonderful craft beers.

    All in all, a wonderful experience. Roll on MozFest! :-)


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