New blog theme: Metro

Blog redesign: October 2012 edition

(Email and RSS subscribers will need to click through to see the change) I’ve felt for a while that I should make this blog better suited to mobile interfaces and, in particular, touchscreen devices. This is known as responsive web design and I’ve been particularly impressed with Microsoft’s ‘Metro’ design language leading to a tiled […]

HOWTO: Issue #openbadges in 5 steps using WordPress + WPBadger

Image slideshow not showing? Click here! Good news! Dave Lester has created a plugin for WordPress that makes issuing Open Badges fairly straightforward. Follow the instructions below to get started. 1. Install WordPress* 2. Install the WPBadger plugin 3. Follow the instructions at the plugin’s Installation page, specifically: Configure the plugin by navigating to Settings […]

Project Reclaim: consolidating my blogs.

I’m ill at the moment: I can’t seem to shake ‘flu-like symptoms that struck last Wednesday. On the plus side, not being able to do ‘productive’ work means I’ve got done some stuff I haven’t been in a position to prioritise for a while. Posterous, a blogging solution I’ve really enjoyed using and have advocated […]

Blogging: 5 things I’ve learned in 5 years.

I realised at the weekend that it’s been about 5 years since I started blogging properly, having got into my groove sometime in November 2005. Back then, as a classroom teacher, I wrote at about education and educational technology. What got me started was reading and commenting on the high-quality blogs of a small […]

A quick way to add a ‘sparkline’ to your blog.

See that little graph thing at the bottom of this blog? It’s called a sparkline and shows the number of visitor over the last month. Here’s how to add one to your own blog, courtesy of Google Analytics and a WordPress plugin! The only slightly tricky bit is replacing: with It shows you […]