Why governments, schools and other public institutions should use Github.

I’ve only just got round to watching a TED talk from Clay Shirky entitled How the Internet will (one day) transform government: (no video? click here!) Shirky, as ever, makes some really good points but the key for me is the way how well he explains the significance of Git version control software – perhaps […]

Digital literacies and why they’re important… for everyone!

(can’t see the video? click here!) Nigel Robertson (@easegill) works at the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand. A few weeks back he asked if I’d have time to put together a short video about digital literacies for Digital Literacy @ Waikato Awareness Week. He asked very nicely, so I looked at my calendar […]

On the relationship between Digital Literacies and Web Literacies. [VIDEO]

Can’t see the video? Click here! Building on the back of my recent DMLcentral post entitled Digital Literacies and Web Literacies: What’s the Difference? I’ve had a go at a more visual explanation of the relationship. Here’s hoping it makes some sense! I’d love some feedback, if you have any.

Another day, another Connected Learning webinar [VIDEO]

(video not showing? click here!) Yesterday I participated in my fourth Connected Learning webinar, this time about… Connected Learning! You can find the resources, etc. that were mentioned in the webinar here. It was great to hang out with such smart people as Connie Yowell and Mimi Ito. (click on image or here for larger […]

Come and ask me questions LIVE at my Hybrid Days presentation on digital literacies.

I was delighted to be approached a few months ago to be part of the Hybrid Days conference that’s been going on recently. This video gives a useful overview: What is Hybrid Days? from Hybrid Days on Vimeo. My presentation is entitled How to Develop Digital Literacies in Yourself and Others and I’ll be delivering […]