#movemeon book now available!

I’m delighted to announce that the #movemeon (e-)book is now available! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of the contributors, but especially Stuart Ridout for his amazing help and design skills. The PDF is available for free download: http://bit.ly/movemeonpdf The book is available at cost price: http://bit.ly/movemeonbook Badges to […]

E-safety: the ‘googleability test’ (a suggestion).

The problem: Kerry Turner: Any educator launching into the world of social media has to know its risks. … One evening, after reading several posts on Twitter, it was mentioned that school Acceptable User Policies were declaring that all contact with students on social media was to be avoided. … There are strong cases for […]

The difference between visualizations and infographics.

All that glitters is not gold, and not everything that looks pretty is an infographic. For example here’s a visualization of my recent connections on Twitter using mentionmap: This looks good but isn’t very really very revealing. I’m well aware that I’ve been tweeting about tomorrow’s¬†EdTechRoundUp TeachMeet (#TMETRU09) and with the people featured in orange. […]

On the glorious weirdness of connecting with people online.

It’s rare in this fast-paced world of Twitter and synchronous communications to come across high-quality reflections on how we connect online both professionally and personally. The video below, put together by D’Arcy Norman with contributions from the likes of Dean Shareski, Jim Groom and Barbara Ganley, is 15 minutes long. It’s absolutely worth your time […]

My #TMETRU09 presentation: #movemeon & CPD via Twitter

http://linkbun.ch/hg3u Above is my micropresentation and links for Sunday’s TeachMeet EdTechRoundUp edition 2009 (#TMETRU09). As far as I’m aware it’s the first fully-online TeachMeet to be held. As such, there will no doubt be hiccups! The whole thing is being streamed at http://justin.tv/Tmetru09

Design the (e-)book cover for #movemeon!

I’m very pleased to see that other educators have run with the #movemeon idea I floated. There are now literally hundreds of tweets that have been tagged – you can view them in real-time here, or an archive here. My favourite way of viewing them, is via visibletweets.com using the ‘rotation’ animation: Once we reach […]

#movemeon – a suggestion.

Update: view the latest #movemeon tweets via Twitter Search! If you’ve been living under a rock, Twitter is a communications medium limited to 140-characters that has taken the world by storm. If you’re baffled by what’s below, the hashtag (first proposed by Chris Messina in 2007) allows ‘channels’ to be created in Twitter. These can […]

12 educational ways of using 12seconds.tv

I first came across 12seconds.tv last year when it was in ‘Alpha’. It was an interesting diversion at the time, but I didn’t use it much and quickly forgot about it. Recently, I’ve noticed my email inbox filling up with notifications that people were following me on 12seconds.tv. Thinking it was worth another look I’ve […]