I’ve started using Twitter with my pupils…

My Year 11 (15-16 year old) History groups – the ones who blog, can use a wiki (until Wikispaces became unavailable/unusable through the school network), use Google Apps for Education and on occasion submit YouTube videos instead of essays are now Twittering. It’s about time: I’ve been talking about doing this for over a year […]

Edmodo: Twitter for education?

TechCrunch gives the heads-up on Edmodo, a free ‘communication platform for education’ currently in private beta that seems to be aiming to be Twitter for education. As you can (just) see in the screenshot above, calendar functions are included and everything is a little more… private. I first discussed using Twitter in the classroom around […]

Live Ink: an example of the benefits of digital text

Serendipitously, mid-way through looking at some books about the concept of ‘digital literacy’ I updated one of my Twitter accounts. One of my Twitter friends brought my attention to Live Ink. This clever software breaks up sentences into easier-to-read lines, as the 60-second guide demonstrates and the examples illustrate. Whilst I’m not entirely sold on […]