What did we learn during a ‘semester of learning’ on #openbadges over at P2PU.org?

Seven weeks ago I proposed a ‘semester of learning’ about Mozilla’s Open Badges. This was originally going to be hosted on an installation of BuddyPress, but eventually resided at P2PU.org in a group called Open Badges and Assessment. It attracted a diverse mix of people, most of whom I’d never encountered before (I love it […]

JOIN US! A semester of learning about Open Badges and assessment.

What: An informal, collaborative group learning more about Mozilla’s Open Badge architecture. Why: To consider the ways Open Badges could be used to credentialise educational outcomes. Where: http://p2pu.org/en/groups/open-badges-and-assessment When: Saturday 13th August – Friday 30th September 2011 Hashtag: #openbadges I proposed a ‘semester of learning’ on Open Badges and assessment earlier this week. The idea seemed to gain […]

Semester of Learning: Open Badges and assessment

Update: This will now take place at P2PU.org At the Thinking Digital Conference 2011 Nicole Yershon, Director of Innovative Solutions at Ogilvy mentioned an idea that immediately struck a chord with me. The idea? Having a semester of learning. This, of course, is a term loosely borrowed from universities but the way Nicole described and applied […]