Evaluation: the absolute basics

Whilst I’ve done some work in the past around evaluation I’ve needed to brush up on it since joining the Mozilla Foundation. This post reflects some hours spent in Durham University Education Library earlier this week. Introduction Evaluation is a contested term. Even people involved in the field can’t agree what they mean: “No single-sentence […]


“Well, you do come across as a bit sullen.” “Really?” “And you do whinge a lot on your blog.” I suppose I do. Not everything is broken. Not everything has a dark, fetid underside. Not everything is a commoditised, market-influenced mess. What I try to communicate (here and elsewhere) is the importance of recognising how […]

My new work blog and other RSS goodies.

Spurred by several things including our most recent JISC infoNet planning meeting and Will Richardson’s decision to quit long-form blogging at Weblogg-ed and move to Tumblr, I’ve set up a work blog at http://dajbelshaw.tumblr.com The theme hopefully reflects how I want to use it – as a visual snapshot of my research. Rest assured that, unlike […]

From my research: New Literacies around the world

In case you’ve not subscribed to the RSS feed yet, I’m updating my new blog literaci.es regularly with the outputs from my ongoing Ed.D. work: ‘Digital literacy’ in Norway? The history and status of digital literacy in Norway is complex. The term is presumed by English-speaking researchers and educators to mean, in a straightforward way, […]

5 free, web-based tools to help you be a kick-ass researcher.

I do a lot of research. Not only is my day job Researcher/Analyst at JISC infoNet but when I go home I’m researching and writing as part of my doctoral thesis. Quantity and quality are different measures, but I’d hope that I’m at least half-decent at something I spend a fair amount of my life […]

My favourite quotations from ‘Teaching with the Tools Kids Really Use’

In my current role at JISC infoNet I’m working on a Mobile Learning infoKit to be released later this year. One of the books I’ve been reading in my research for that resource is Teaching with the Tools Kids Really Use: Learning with Web and Mobile Technologies. Whilst it has some relevance to Further and Higher […]

My research is your research.

In the spirit of ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’ and ‘you are what you share’, I present: http://dougbelshaw.com/research I’ve seeded it with OER, mobile learning and digital literacies. There’s also a found, an electic repository of interesting stuff I come across. This can be considered part of my ongoing project to streamline and share […]

HOWTO: Set up Google Scholar to do the heavy lifting for you.

I have unlimited love for Google Scholar, I really do. It’s the one tool that I really wouldn’t be without for academic purposes these days; I really wish it had been around when I was doing my BA in Philosophy and MA in Modern History. Still, I’m not grumbling – it’s around for my Ed.D. […]

Research supporting collaborative, enquiry-based learning.

One of the great things of studying in the Education Library at Durham University (instead of at home, in my study) is the books I randomly stumble across. For example, I pulled Models of Learning – Tools for Teaching off the shelf today and it fell open at Chapter 7, entitled ‘Learning through cooperative disciplined […]