Displaying #OpenBadges with BadgeWidgetHack.

[If you’re reading this via email or RSS you might want to click through to see what I’m talking about] I came across BadgeWidgetHack.org today. It’s one of those sites that’s necessary now, but won’t be in six months to a year’s time. Why’s that? Well, it does one thing and one thing only, generating […]

What did we learn during a ‘semester of learning’ on #openbadges over at P2PU.org?

Seven weeks ago I proposed a ‘semester of learning’ about Mozilla’s Open Badges. This was originally going to be hosted on an installation of BuddyPress, but eventually resided at P2PU.org in a group called Open Badges and Assessment. It attracted a diverse mix of people, most of whom I’d never encountered before (I love it […]